Hasan Raheem
A certified medical doctor, the ‘Breakthrough Artist of 2021’ and without a doubt, one of the most electric performers that Pakistan has ever produced – Hasan Raheem has won over an entire generation of dedicated fans across the globe with his versatility and command of multiple musical genres.
Hasan Raheem/Maybe It’s LOVE’ EP

Maybe It’s LOVE’ EP

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About Album

Maybe, It’s Love” is Hasan Raheem’s newest EP, a vibrant mix of heartfelt lyrics and innovative sounds. This EP explores the many shades of love and heartbreak, offering insights on how to navigate these intense emotions. With a fusion of contemporary beats and melodic rhythms, Hasan delves into the complexities of romantic and self-love. Collaborating with talented Indian musicians, he adds a rich, cross-cultural flair to his music. This project is also a bit experimental, showcasing Hasan’s bold venture into new sonic territories. “Maybe, It’s Love” captures Hasan Raheem’s artistic growth and his unique ability to connect deeply with listeners.”

Artist: Hasan Raheem
Release Date: 2-9-2023
Genre: Pop
People: Umair, Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus, Raftaar, Talwiinder, Shahrukh