Hasan Raheem
A certified medical doctor, the ‘Breakthrough Artist of 2021’ and without a doubt, one of the most electric performers that Pakistan has ever produced – Hasan Raheem has won over an entire generation of dedicated fans across the globe with his versatility and command of multiple musical genres.
Hasan Raheem/Nautanki



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About Album

There’s nothing like the theatrics of love, and that’s exactly the vibe that Hasan captures on his new album. Nautanki, is the first official project to date from the new wave Bedroom Pop singer and marks his first release.

Sometimes inspired by his personal experiences, his lyrics explore the initial, new found joys of love and romance, and are littered with the bittersweet heartbreaks that often come with such experiences.

Artist: Hasan Raheem
Release Date: 26-12-2022
Genre: Pop
People: Abdullah Kasumbi

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